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Volumetric Video Editor by Lifecast

Unlike traditional volumetric capture systems that focus inward on a single subject, Lifecast's software enables you to captures an entire immersive scene with both foreground and background. Whether you're are a building an immersive mixed reality experience, or creating 3D background environments for virtual production in Unreal, Lifecast offers a state-of-the-art solution for photorealistic volumetric capture, editing, and deployment.

Unlike other methods, Lifecast doesn't rely on limited-resolution depth sensors. Instead, it seamlessly integrates with VR180 cameras, such as the Canon EOS R5, that offer a wider field of view and greater resolution. These off-the-shelf cameras can be used in any environment, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity.

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning and 3D geometric computer vision, Lifecast's Volumetric Video Editor reconstructs a 3D model for every frame of your video. The software then efficiently compresses it into a standard video file format, ready to be deployed on the web using JavaScript, WebXR, or in popular game engines like Unreal or Unity.


  • Input VR180 photo or video (side-by-side stereoscopic, equirectangular projection).
  • Export Lifecast's LDI3 format for volumetric video or photos
  • Lifecast LDI3 is compatible with our open-source volumetric video players for Unreal, Unity, and javascript
  • Export WebXR projects for Looking Glass holographic glasses-free 3D displays
  • Export textured OBJ
  • Proprietary stereo depth estimation for fisheye lenses, robust to calibration error
  • Temporally stabilized depth estimation
  • Depth-based decomposition into layers for inpainting
  • Temporally stabilized inpainting
  • Automatically encode and h264, h265, ProRes for editing or distrubition on web, mobile, and VR
  • Real-time 3D viewer for LDI3 volumetric videos and photos
  • View color, depth, and alpha channels for each layer
  • Edit depth maps and alpha channels for a single frame
  • Copy color, alpha, or depth channels in selected region to other video frames



  • Requires Mac OS X 13.0, or Windows 11 and NVidia GPU with at least 8GB VRAM
  • Deep learning models run on CPU on Mac build.
  • Stable diffusion inpainting is currently available only via Lifecast's cloud rendering service. Volumetric video editor for Mac/Windows uses a different inpainting algorithm.

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